Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I get to see my sister and her five kids today!
My good friend Kim Miles is getting married today!
Saw a meter shower last night, it was awesome!

Being at FHE for the first time and had to draw Steve Young...... which is not a black football player. Whoops. Nothing like embarrassing myself to really make the ward like me!!

Forgetting the names of the new people you meet, and then calling them the wrong name the whole day! Sorry for that Austin.... I swear I thought your name was andrew!

Having a new roommate walk in while you are doing butt stretches in the front room.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Moving Day!

So its starting! I am going to move tomorrow!!!
I have basically been packing up all week. I quit one of my jobs just so I had time to do it all so instead of working 60 hours a week I am down to a measly 20!
So who know crap can accumulate into so much stuff. Seriously thought I have five, count it FIVE, boxes of cloths and then another suit case full, that is even after giving a butt load away and sending bags off to the DI. I have an addiction and I know that. I actually even called my sister down to my room to shake me to my senses and make me give stuff up. Its a problem.
Anywho life has been great! I went to Nauvoo with my family and that was just wonderful! ( post on that later) After Nauvoo I have basically just been with the family doing family things, which leads me to my next point.
Moving is hard! and no I am not talking about packing up boxes and getting a sweaty moving things around.  I am talking about the emotional weening I go through every year with them. I leave, then go back for four months, then leave again. Not sure how I like this.
I put on my big girl panties and leave home, and just as I feel comfortable- they come off again.
I am not sure if other people are like this-struggle so much to leave their parents behind. I think its because I am the youngest- and I had my parents all to myself for three years so its hard!
But beside the emotional hardness I am ready to get back! I am ready not be working all the time and ready to see my friends again. I am ready to start school and jump back into things again. I may hate moving but it is exhilarating! that is for sure.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dreaded Freshmen Fifteen

So my whole life I have always struggled with weight problems. Now I am not sure if someone can gain 30 pounds in a day but I am pretty sure I did- puberty hit and BAM I had body issues especially since most of the girls in my grade were size 00 all through high school. Dang it all.
But back with the story ....
Growing up I was always "encouraged" to exercise, eat healthier, and well try to get to a healthier weight but did I... nope, way to stubborn to do what my parents and siblings all said I should do.

 I was active in sports and things, but those did not seem to help when it came to my weight.
Senior year was probably the worse- I was under a lot of stress ( two jobs, senior class president, college, you know the whole shaabang that goes along with growing up) 
and the problem kept on excellerating. By the way whoever thought the whole white graduation robe thing was a good idea should be admitted into an asylum, but thats beside the point. Anyway until the summer before I went to college I was very big doing nothing about it.
So this is how it all happened. One day I just woke up and was like, hmmm I really hate being fat. Maybe I should stop blaming my other misfortunes on my weight and just change it. You can change this thing you hate about yourself.  So thats what I did. I started running. I ran everyday about three miles, did interval training, push ups, sit ups, I changed my whole veiw on excercise, but did not have many results.

Then I went to college- sick with worry I was going to gain the freshmen fifteen, I went into a health frenzy. I excersiced and hour to two a day along with eating very well. Started weighing myself, taking measurements, reading a lot of health books and magazines trying to absorb as much as I could. Lucky me my hard work did pay off.

I am proud to say that I did "The freshmen fifteen" but who woulda thought that it went the other way!

In a series of six months I lost twenty pounds, went down two sizes, and just gained a whole lot of confidence in myself and knowing that putting your mind to anything really does make a huge difference. It was not easy- trust me, the weight gained 7 years ago did not want to go off, but eventually it did come off! Sweat and hard work does win in the end.
So a year later... I went through this whole life changing experience and I am back in the same town, same job, and same lifestyle that caused me to gain the weight in the first place.

Reason for the post- its been extremely hard being back again. I am surrounded by fatty unhealthy food all day long and working 12+ a day does not want to make a girl wanna exercise. Thus I am writing to encourage and remind myself of the past.

But this time round I am different with a different frame of mind. I love exercise, eating well, and feeling wonderful and I have the ambition to keep to it (with the help of a wonderful gym membership) Still got a good ten pounds to go, but slowly and surely it will come.

side note: all those double 00s in high school all totally gained that fifteen pounds.... and then some :S
oh I also have before and after pictures. Will post later.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Time

So with my current lifestyle of working- a lot, its been hard for me to have a life outside of work. I am working two jobs right now, as a secretary and a manger/waitress at a local restaurant. I very much so like my job. I work with wonderful people and I always have fun stories about the crazy happenings as a waitress ( those will come later). But with all this craziness of working 50-60 hours per week I find it hard to have a life.
Moving back home for the summer I jumped in knowing that I would not have a social life this summer. Most of my friends are gone, either married or on missions, I have on really really good friend and we hit the occasional movie, Ps Green Lantern... ya wait till red box. Anywho with this absence of a life I have made it more of a priority to be with family, and well I can proudly say I hang out with my parents every night. Yes thats right people your looking at a good ol' mammas girl and daddy's darling. My mom actually got mad at me today for watching TV with someone else- fair warning to my future hubby there will be jealousy issues :)

The happenings of my life meaning moving out, brother getting married, sister in Afghanistan, and especially sending a niece to heaven have all taught me the importance of family. I guess I just never realized how short life really is- things can change in an instance and well its important too make the MOST important things a priority. That is my family.

                                                                    aren't they adorable! 

So my new goal is to focus a lot of my time and energy on family. It just makes me sad that its takin this long for me to be able to realize it! 

oh ps. I LOVE being an Aunt- here are just a few of my adventures with my willing minions. 

future post on Kids say the darnest things. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Awsome and Awkward Thursday!

Having old men hit on you so that you will give them an extra cookie- kinda fun though I wonder if I gave them 2 extra cookies if they would shake or sit for me.... hmmm

Telling a boy employee that it his turn to clean out the tampon box, oh sorry excuse me the sanitary napkin box.

Flamboyantly raising my hand to answer a question in Institute, then realizing it is rhetorical...whoops what do you mean you don't wanna know about my private and personal life? my bad

Going to the gym and then seeing a guy that you used to sorta date, and not wanting to talk to him so then you hid from the guy by switching to a machine that is in the corner... then he totally catching you in the act of dodging him, not my finest moment


Although those old men hit on me to get a cookie, they still tell me " Gee your a cute little thing!" Being called cute is always awesome

Finding out that the $1500 scholarship you received works for HAIR SCHOOL! Yippie!

Jumping on the tramp and playing Uno with my nieces and nephew

Being on TV!!!! more like I was just exercising in the background while the girl said great things about the gym I go to... but hey its still tv! and then receiving a FREE smoothie for being willing to be on TV

For those who dont know Awesome and Awkward started by this blog and well I love it! so there was my inspiration

oh the Love of Idaho!

So my family thinks I have this whole hate rep on Idaho, so me being the always right younger sibling I am writing to prove them wrong. So I am going to dedicate this post on the things I love and the oh so slightly annoyingfrustratingandaggitating things that I dislike about Idaho.

Slightly Dislike
  • The awful manure smell that seems to stay for months at a time during harvest
  • The Idaho hair poof (for all those girls that like square shaped heads and pricey jeans)
  • That small town means news travels fast, don't screw up in this town cause everyone will know about it by the end of the night.
  • The social scene, ya it probably kept me out of trouble in high school but now being a single adult the scene is dry... very dry.

  • I love the country part of Idaho, call me a hick... its okay because I love that I can go bike riding on ditch banks, or that I grew up swimming in the canal (for all those city folk out there that is basically the ditch the farmers use to irrigate their farms).
  • I love that I spent my childhood barefoot- seriously though talk about calused feet!
  • I love that everyone is so friendly and not a day goes by that a stranger doesn't wave to me driving down the road.
  • I love the amazing people here- so loving! I feel like I have a million cheerleaders rooting for me to do well in life.
  • I love the crickets outside and that my dog could always roam around with me.
  • I love that I am surrounded by a river and mountain ranges- all fun to play on! Activities range from boating, snowmobiling, sledding, tubing, rafting, swimming, hiking, and of course skiing.
  • Lastly I love seeing the amazing sunsets every night and then seeing all the stars right after!
taken right outside my window

Most arguments against small towns are that they are uncultured. Did I grow up going to the art exhibit or newest museum or touring the local zoo. Nope I never did any of that. Never did I go to a rock concert or the local club.
But I did grow up singing songs while hoeing the beat fields, helping my brother milk cows, and spending most days playing boardgames with my family. Lucky me I grew up learning the value of hard work while cementing close relationships with my wonderful family. Sorry city folk but I think I got the better end of the deal ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Glorious Wedding

So hair school- big whoop right, why else haven't I been writing. Well a lot those reasons are because of my wonderful family, and can I just say I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the best family. Anywho....

My big brother ( aka my partner in crime growing up) and my best friend ( girl who stole my identity) got hitched!! Thats right- best friend and big brother, how lucky am I!! Not a lot of people can say that their best friend married into their family- the only downside to this destined duo is that well my best friend's name is Melissa- and as you guessed it, the world now has two Melisa/ssa Monroes- who knew there was room for another one :)

May 6 was such a wonderful day- full of love and a good ol' dose of stress caused by doing the brides hair, pickup up family members, getting the flowers, parking tickets, and of course watching 10 kids ( three of them being less then 1 years old) at the temple grounds. But oh it was worth it when the couple stepped out of the temple and their eyes gleaming of honest and true love ( which, if your around for a while it gets kinda nauseating). Well the day followed with pictures, videos, and lots of hugs and kisses- between the bride and groom.

They are now living in Illinois for the summer and let me tell you it has been hard to not see them. Melissa and I are very close, and well all three of us share jokes that not everyone else thinks is funny. I know that from personal experience. Its definitely hard not to have Melissa ten steps away- and I find myself missing the both of them quite a bit.

I don't know if I can express the happiness I feel for my brother and friend. They have such a fun spirit about them- both of them can make me giggle at moments notice. They have found something special, something real- and well it brings me such joy to see them together.

Congrats Jordan and Melissa- I sure love you!